24/7 JP Asset Management

With us as a partner at your side, you get 24/7 access to a consolidated overview and the current development of your assets. This means you always have  a summary of your entire asset situation. As your contact partner, we also take over  the time-consuming correspondence with your custodian banks and arrange and handle everything crucial for you. It is not mandatory  to change custodian banks to take over  an asset management mandate. Our strategies can be implemented at various financial institutions with full transparency.

With us, you can rely  on independent and transparent advice. Together with you, we evaluate your personal investment objectives, return expectations and risk tolerance and create an  investment concept that is optimal for you. In doing so, we are not guided by predictions, but continuously analyze the current market environment  (nowcast). To generate long-term excess returns and reduce risk, we use the systematic approach (scoring) of our partner AlphaStream AG, which allows us to specifically adjust your investments to the economic cycle. If you are interested, we invite you to take a look at our ongoing systematic investment processes. Our modular investment solutions (matrix) allow you to select the strategy that best suits your needs. You can also view the risk/return profile of your portfolio using our allocation tool.

By using modern portfolio systems, we carry out performance measurements and continuously analyze the risk/return ratio. Your portfolio is aligned and automatically adjusted with the asset strategy you have defined. In this way, we ensure that the specifications from the asset strategy are always implemented and adhered to.


Transparent, independent advice

Talented team with proven experts

Contact person for all banks

24/7 access to consolidated portfolio