Family Office

We also offer classic multi family office services for wealthy clients through our own in-house expertise or in cooperation with specialized external advisors . We focus primarily  on the strategic management of family assets based on a comprehensive asset allocation. We diversify your assets through a selection of efficient solutions and structures to ensure wealth preservation, adequate returns as well as the fulfillment of long- and short-term family and business objectives.

The asset allocation, an investment mix and a liquidity strategy are  defined through an analysis of your requirements and various investment considerations.

Risk management is accomplished  through a holistic approach that includes both structural and  temporal challenges. Lifestyle management includes philanthropic engagements, charity, impact investing, real estate, art as well as concierge services. For tax, legal, M&A and corporate finance advice, we can refer you to experts in our network who can also assist you with your multinational needs.

We will work out an optimal and sustainable solution for you.


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