“The only man I know who behaves reasonably is my tailor. He takes new measurements every time he sees me….

…All the others just go on with their old measurements and expect me to conform to them.”

George Bernard Shaw (1858 – 1950)

First, we analyze existing client portfolios in terms of composition and return/risk profile. If this analysis reveals a necessity for action, we create customized investment proposals for our clients by optimally combining different asset classes (equities, bonds, precious metals, funds or cryptocurrencies). As an independent provider we are not subject to any restrictions on the investment products used.
We offer our clients continuous risk measurements combined with a fully comprehensive reporting service for their individual portfolio: tailor-made and not off-the-shelf or “one-size-fits-all”.



1. Exposition
  • Regions, Sectors, etc

2. Strategic Weighting
  • Based on Benchmark or internal targets

3. Constraints
  • Strategic bandwidths or other requirements
4. Risk Averseness
  • Maximal market exposure. If required with leverage
5. Hedging Method
  • Pure hedge, money market or other alternative universe
5. Hedging Method
  • Monthly, weekly or daily
1. Rating and ranking of assets

2. Strategic weights

3. Hedging overlay

4. Inclusion of additional requirements
1. Own order execution
  • Via report or web interface (Saas)

2. External order execution
  •  For smaller mandates < 20 Mio
    AMC (Actively Managed

  • For larger mandates > 20 Mio
    UCITS fund with specialized

3. Both solutions provide:
  • Listed ISIN & full transparency
  • Daily prices/ liquidity
  • Open for other investors