Systematic investment processes

Our strategies are based on an efficient and systematic evaluation of  fundamental data, price data and analyst expectations rather than on opinions or predictions. The investment solutions we offer are subject to a methodical investment process based on long-term observable and robust correlations in the financial markets. This approach enables us to implement our strategies free of predictions and  emotions.

All decision-relevant information is recorded and evaluated . Investment decisions are always made according to clearly defined rules. Based on this systematic approach, which we implement together with our professional and strategic partners, we pursue a consistent methodology  to achieve the investment objectives you have set for us.

On the one hand, this allowsus to transparently and systematically implement traditional equity investments   using empirically tested and scientifically recognized  methods.

On the other hand, the developed processes are also implemented in non-traditional asset classes to open up further diversification opportunities.

This gives  our investors access to alternative premia, in our case the volatility premia, to stabilize returns in a multi-asset portfolio.

Strategies based on volatility premia supplement the returns of traditional investments by capturing a premia in the options.

These strategies are interesting because the return drivers are not highly correlated with equity or bond returns and thus can improve the risks and return characteristics of a portfolio.

Especially in a financial market environment that has changed significantly  due to the zero-interest rate policy of the central banks and increased volatilities, alternative sources of return can make an attractive additional contribution.



Objective, unemotional